The Fountain of Aeolus

A monumental fountain, without the God of the Winds

Built by Carlo Vanvitelli, based on his father Luigi’s project, the Fountain of Aeolus was supposed to have a total of 54 statues. The complex was to represent the god Aeolus in the act of unleashing the Winds against Aeneas and the Trojans at the behest of Juno, as narrated in the Aeneid. The construction began in 1779: only 29 statues were actually built. The Winds and Tritons ridden by Putti are arranged along a series of rocks. Aeolus was never built. Juno was not located on top of the waterfall so as not to hinder the perspective of the Via d’Acqua. There is a hidden cave behind the architectural background, a background with 15 openings. Four bas-reliefs made by Angelo Brunelli represent Jupiter and the Goddesses, The marriage of Teti and Peleus, The judgment of Paris and The wedding of Paris. A series of sculptures represent minor winds, the Zephyrs, alternating with pairs of slaves who support large shell-shaped vases on the balustrades

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Beyond the Royal Palace
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