The Cannocchiale

Two Capitals of the Kingdom united by perspectival virtuosity

The perspectival interweaving between the Palace and the Park is introduced by a scenographic invention aimed to amaze the observer: a long central gallery through which you can see in the distance the succession of fountains of the Royal Park. This arcaded space takes the name of “Cannocchiale” (spyglass) due to the perspective effect it creates in connecting, along the same axis, the Via d’Acqua of the Royal Palace of Caserta with Viale Carlo III, which led to Naples.The Cannocchiale created an inside – outside connection, creating an ideal and symbolical dialogue between the royal family and its people.With its three naves, the Cannocchiale also served to facilitate circulation: carriages passed through the central aisle, pedestrians on the side ones.

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Beyond the Royal Palace
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