Why support the Royal Palace of Caserta?

The Royal Palace of Caserta can count every year on the support of numerous friends and supporters who help to protect and enhance its enormous cultural and natural wealth.

Each contribution is essential to make its beauty available to the world, which we have the honour and responsibility to cherish.

If you want, today you can support us to carry out educational programs, studies, exhibitions; to increase the number of services aimed at the visitor; to allocate more resources to cataloguing, to the restoration of works, to scientific research; and to implement the sustainability programs that the 2030 Agenda requires of us.

Your every donation is a solid gesture of civic commitment and trust that you place in our capabilties.

Donate the 5x1000 to the Royal Palace!

How to donate

With a simple, immediate and cost-free tool you can help support our daily protection and enhancement activity

Tax code of the Royal Palace of Caserta:

If you submit the 730 Form or Income Form (Former Unico) you can put your signature in the box:
• Support for voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility, social promotion associations and recognised associations and foundations operating in the sectors referred to in art. 10, C.1, letter A of Legislative Decree No. 460 of 1997.
Indicate in the space below the Tax Code of the Royal Palace of Caserta: 09686720153

How to donate your 5xmille even if you don’t submit your tax return

Taxpayers who do not have obligation to submit a Tax Return can choose to allocate the IRPEF 8, 5 and 2×1000 using the appropriate form attached to the Single Certification (CU) scheme or to the Individual Income Model. One can, without any kind of burden on the part of the taxpayer, deliver the supplementary form for 5 per thousand contained in the CU in a sealed envelope to a post office or bank. It will then be sufficient to write on the envelope “Choice for the destination of the IRPEF 5 x1000 “, indicating the taxpayer’s name, surname and tax code.

Donate with Artbonus!

How to donate

ArtBonus is a tax credit for donations of money in support of culture and entertainment. The Royal Palace of Caserta has foreseen a series of interventions to be financed through the ArtBonus.

ArtBonus is a tax credit created for donations of money in support of culture and entertainment as a support for patronage in favour of cultural heritage.

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