Dear visitor, welcome to the Reggia di Caserta

Our rules are a mere invitation to the public for a responsible and cooperative attitude. Menino was created to shed a light on the need to protect and respect the heritage of the Reggia di Caserta. Our fictional character makes all kind of mischief, is irreverent and rude. It has no regard for the wonders of the Reggia di Caserta, for the staff who work there and for other visitors. We do not like him very much! The Reggia di Caserta also needs your contribution.

Within the Vanvitellian Complex it is not permitted:

  • To harass or threat
  • To wear inappropriate clothing
  • To bring animals, with the exception of service dogs
  • To enter with vehicles
  • To access to the Canocchiale and the courtyards by bike
  • To fly drones and similar
  • To bring in knives, metallic tools and weapons
  • To practise itinerant trade
  • To litter and break the rules on site for recycling
  • To soil and damage the historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage
  • Take videos or photos for profit or publication
  • Access to areas outside of the museum itinerary
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