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I can't find on Ticketone the first Sunday of the month. How can I do?

Tickets for the #domenicalmuseo, the initiative of the italian Ministry of Culture which provides free admission to state museums and places of culture on the first Sunday of the month, are available on Ticketone starting from the Monday morning preceding the initiative and at the venue at the ticket office in Piazza Carlo di Borbone from 8.30 on Sunday until availability lasts.

May I buy the ticket at the ticket office of the Reggia di Caserta?

Yes, you may buy the ticket at the ticket office in Piazza Carlo di Borbone beside the main entrance. But we strongly recommend online purchase, on the Ticketone platform. The number of tickets on sale is limited, so you may not find any available at the venue. We suggest you ensure access by reserving your entrance online in advance.

Is it the online purchase/reservation of ticket mandatory?

Visitors, even those entitled to discounts or free tickets, can access the Reggia di Caserta with a reservation to be made on the Ticketone platform or by purchasing tickets at the venue. We strongly recommend online booking. Booking/purchase allows access from piazza Carlo di Borbone and from Corso Giannone. For more info on admissions click here. The cost of service fees for booking tickets is 1 euro. There are no service fees for those entitled to free access. With a single transaction, it is possible to book different types of access (full, reduced or free).

How do I book online?

The online purchase/booking is on the Ticketone platform. For tickets that provide access to the Royal Apartments (Park + Apartments Full Price, Park + Apartments Free, Reduced EU aged 18-24, Reduced ArteCard) once you enter the Ticketone – Reggia di Caserta website, select the date and time that you are interested in (entry at a different time to the chosen one is not permitted) and the number of tickets. Due to limited admissions, the chosen time slot may not be available. Then select another time slot. For security reasons, visitors could be asked to wait at the foot of the Royal Staircase before coming inside the Royal Apartments. Then click on “Booking options and discounts” where you will find all the ticket options: Park + Apartments Full Price, Park + Apartments Free, Reduced EU aged 18-24, Reduced ArteCard. At the end of the purchase/booking operation you will receive an email. Download your ticket from there (see image below).

I would like to know who is entitled to free admission.

Verify the reductions here 

Do I’m entitled to the free ticket? What do I have to do to book?

If you are entitled to a riduced or free ticket, you must show at the entrance, together with the ticket (which you can book on Ticketone or withdraw at the ticket office), the documentation proving your right.

Do I have to print my ticket?

A code will be associated with each reservation. It is not necessary to print the ticket, it is possible to show it on your smartphone. The unused ticket will not be refunded.

I have Campania ArteCard. What do I have to do to book?

If you are an ArteCard holder, your entrance is the main one in Piazza Carlo di Borbone, where you will collect your ticket. We strongly advise you to book the ticket online by selecting “Free” or “Reduced ArteCard” (if the free ticket has already been used on another site in the circuit) on the TicketOne platform. Once you have entered TicketOne – Reggia di Caserta, select the date and time that interests you (entry at a different time to the chosen one is not permitted). Then click on “Booking options and discounts” where you will find all the access possibilities, including the items “Free” and “Reduced ArteCard”. Here add the number of people to book per option. Due to limited admissions, the chosen time slot may not be available. Then select another time slot.

We are a group, how can we book the guide and educational assistance service?

For information about organized groups and schools, you have to contact Opera Laboratori at the email caserta@operalaboratori.com or colling the number +39 0823448084. For group bookings, contact the number +39 081 18658177 (Mon-Fri from 9.30 am to 6 pm) or send an email to info@tosc.it. Group bookings are possible, without limited number of tickets, subject to availability verification (based on access restrictions). Visiting groups can be of a maximum of 20 people (+ the guide) at the Royal Apartments and a maximum of 25 people (+ the guide) at the Royal Park. Groups with a greater number of components will be required to split up at the entrance.

I would like to subscribe. How can I do it?

The subscription ReggiaCard2024 offers four types of possibilities: Venere, for those who are between 18 and 30 years old; Ercole, for those who are between 30 and 65 years old; Atlante, for the over 65s; Leoni, for two persons. The subscription last from 1 Juanary to 31 December 2024. ReggiaCard2024 entitles you to discounts and benefits throughout the period of validity of the pass. ReggiaCard is nominal, non-transferable, non-changeable and non-refundable and is valid for the whole 2024. Only by purchasing ReggiaCard2024 at the ticket office in Piazza Carlo di Borbone will you receive a plastic card that can be used directly for entrance to the Monument. Purchases at the ticket office are possible every day (for more info please click here). You must have a valid ID with you. It is also possible to buy the subscription online on the TicketOne platform. In this case, you will not be entitled to the plastic card but you will receive a confirmation email from which you can download the barcode. To access it you will need to show it (printing is not required, it is also possible to show it from a mobile device) together with an identity document. All information on the purchase conditions, dedicated offers and regulations are available on the Reggia di Caserta website, on the dedicated page and on the TicketOne platform.

May I reserve my online ticket for the Reggia di Caserta on any platform that gives me availability?

The only authorized reseller of online tickets for the Reggia di Caserta is TicketOne. The Reggia di Caserta assumes no responsibility for tickets purchased on other platforms.

I was wrong to get the online ticket. I would like to be refunded, or replace it with a new ticket, how can I do?

Tickets booked on the TicketOne platform are non-refundable. The possibility remains, provided by the TicketOne platform itself, to resell one’s ticket through the methods illustrated at the following link: https://www.fansale.it/fansale/sell_tickets.htm

Are there some closed parts of the Museum I cannot visit?

The Royal Palace of Caserta is a place of continuous works. There may therefore be closures and interruptions of visits to parts of it for variable periods. We recommend that you have a look at the Safe Visit and Notices page on our website to ensure you always have complete information and prepare your visit as best as possible.


I bought a ticket for 3 pm, may I enter the Park before this time?

No, it’s not possible to enter in advance, not even just in the Royal Park.

How much does the entrance to the Park and the English Garden cost?

The Entire Park ticket costs € 10.00 (plus € 1.00 of commission for booking). The ticket for people from 18 to 25 years old (not completed) costs € 3.00 (plus € 1.00 commission for booking); up to 18 years is free. More useful info here

Two different times appear on the ticket. One indicates 8.30, the other the time I chose during the purchase. At what time do I have to be at the Reggia?

The time of 8.30 refers to the opening hour of the Monument. Only the time chosen at the time of purchase is valid.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed with the exception of service dogs for people with certified disabilities.

Is the Reggia di Caserta open on Tuesdays?

Reggia di Caserta is closed on Tuesdays, January 1st and December 25th except for extraordinary openings.

How long can I stay inside the Reggia di Caserta? Is there a set path?

No, there is no set route for the Royal Apartments, the Royal Park and English Garden. It can be visited throughout the day in compliance with the opening and closing times.


I am a person with disability

Access to the Royal Apartments for people with disabilities is via a lift located at the entrance of Piazza Carlo di Borbone (central gate). For the Royal Park we suggest the use of a shuttle, equipped for disabled people, which runs along the entire waterway (about 3 km). Or the use of golf car (more info here).

It’s my first time at the Reggia di Caserta. How do I get to the entrance?

Check the route to the Royal Palace.  Choose your entrance and follow the directions on the map.

There are two entrances: Piazza Carlo di Borbone and Corso Giannone.

  1. Piazza Carlo di Borbone, with priority access for people with disabilities. This entrance is recommended if you arrive from Caserta railway station or from the highway. From here, through the central gate of the Royal Palace, you can access the Cannocchiale. Access with bicycles is not allowed.
  2. Corso Giannone. You can access directly the Royal Park from here. Access with bicycles is also allowed.

Artecard holders can only access from Piazza Carlo di Borbone.

May I bring my service dog in?

Yes. No pet is allowed inside the Monument, with the exception of service dog. Info on the visiting regulations.



May I get in with my own bicycle?

Yes, exclusively from the entrance of Corso Giannone.

May I rent a bicyle inside the Royal Park?

Bicycle rental servic is available inside the Royal Park. For more info click here

How do I visit the Royal Park? Are there any means of transport?

To visit the wide spaces of the Royal Park there are three options:


Is there any regulation for visiting the Reggia di Caserta?

Yes, there is a visiting regulation, which is an invitation to our visitors to adopt a responsible and collaborative attitude towards the Monument. Find it here.

Is it possible, during the day, to leave the Museum and then come back to complete the visit?

No, it’s not allowed.

Can I enter with my dog?

No pets are allowed, with the exception of service dogs.

Can I fly my drone?

Drones and similar equipment are not allowed. For authorized filming, you can contact the institutional email.


Are there cafes, restaurants inside the monument?

In the Museum there is a café  a buvette and a restaurant.

Are there any maps for orientation?

Consult here the maps of the Royal Palace of Caserta. The map is distributed free of charge at the welcome point at the entrance and at the workstations of our staff at the entrances.

What are the other services of the Museum?

Here is the list of all the services of the Museum.


May backpacks/bags be accessed in the Royal Apartments?

Backpacks/bags measuring up to 40 x 30 x 10 cm can be brought into the Royal Apartments. We remind you that, in order not to compromise the integrity of extremely delicate spaces, backpacks that you want to bring into the Royal Apartments must be worn and placed on the front.

More info here.

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