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The Palatine Chapel

I will set no limit for the House of God. I want to spend everything that is needed “, so said King Charles of Bourbon to his architect Luigi Vanvitelli in 1752. The Royal Palatine Chapel was built in 1777 by Carlo Vanvitelli based on his father's design. Similar in layout to Versailles, it was inaugurated in the presence of King Ferdinand IV on Christmas Eve in 1784. Marble geometric figures adorn the once painted floor like a precious carpet. The coffered vault, rich in carvings and stuccoes, is largely covered in pure gold. The bombings of September 24 1943 caused still visible damage as a dramatic warning, and the loss of valuable sacred furnishings and paintings. The only surviving canvas is the altarpiece with the Immaculate Conception, attributed to Giuseppe Bonito (1789).

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580 mqm2

The exact cost estimate depends on many factors such as the number of participants, date, time, the public or private nature of the event.
By providing further information it will be possible to receive a more specific quote.

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Regolamento concessione spazi Reggia di Caserta

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